Connection with the Ocean

This week is a pretty special one because it’s World Ocean’s week which also includes World Ocean’s Day (June 8). So going to try and focus my posts (and Instagram stories) on oceans and the importance on keeping them safe.

View of Atlantic Ocean on the shores of
Fire Island, NY

As you know, I am a Kentucky native which is nowhere near an ocean. I didn’t see an ocean until I was about a teenager when my family visited Virginia Beach. I maybe visited an ocean shore a handful of other times before me and my children relocated to the Bronx. We now try to make it to a nearby Atlantic Ocean beach 2-3 times a year. I can honestly say it is a perk of us living within an ocean coastal region. Beyond grateful for that ocean has provided us peace/serenity, an opportunity to experience surfing, and most importantly time to admire nature’s beauty.

What about you? Share in the comments your connection with the ocean(s).

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