Food Waste

3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste At Home

Did you know that about 20% of the food we purchase ends up in the trash? Here are 3 ways I reducing the amount of food wasted in our home.

  1. Eating our leftovers: We eat majority of the leftovers from the meals I cooked or from takeout. I tend to take the small portions to work as my lunch or snack. The large portions form our family buffet style meal.

2. Meal plan around what’s in our fridge/pantry: Always check what ingredients you have in the fridge and pantry before planning out the meals for the week. For example, use up the remaining bits of produce to make a stir-fry or pasta sauce.

3. Become friends with your freezer: The freezer should be the go to spot for the extra bread your not going to use, those bananas about to go bad, or as a way to have seasonal produce all year long.

What is your go to for reducing food waste at home?

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