Hard to Believe It’s Been 8 Months

It has been about 8 months since I announced my desire to establish an ecospace in the Bronx — specifically phase 1 for EcoBronx LLC. Quick recap the focus of the initial phase of the business was to perform pop-up style markets and educational events.

The business has achieved a few milestones in these past 8 months which include being weekly at local farmer’s markets, semi-finalizing our LLC state paperwork, and our newest announcement of shipping to United States residents. We raised 23% of our desired goal of $5000 expenses to reach particular goals for Phase 1 (Major thanks to all that ‘bought me a coffee’ and provided tons of encouraging words and input). Besides business growth, these past 8 months has encouraged me to grow as a small business owner. I’m finally getting more secure in approaching vendors/artisans about working with us, and my confidence of being in the forefront has increased. (Sidenote – something most don’t know I’m more of an introvert but when needed can take on extrovert actions šŸ˜‰)

Well I’m happy to announce that EcoBronx is ready to embark on a new aspect of it’s Phase 1 goals – call it Phase 1b. EcoBronx will be a weekly vendor in local farmer’s markets (will announce the market details once finalized), start providing some refillable products, and start the process of becoming a mobile shop.

As you know I started the business to reduce the lack of accessibility for Bronx residents to purchase sustainable products. I have realized that not everyone can come to our pop-up events, so being a mobile shop will take EcoBronx to the community versus the community coming to EcoBronx. It will also allow us to gain consistent customers which makes it more financially feasible to be a brick-n-mortar (Phase 2).

Behind the scenes of campaign video making

Let me be honest – these new goals aren’t cheap so on March 14 (Pi Day) I will be launching a funding campaign with the hopes to raise enough money to assist with our farmer’s market setup, initial costs to provide refillable products, and purchase a vehicle to convert into our mobile shop. For now make sure to check out my daily Instagram stories for I’ll share more about Phase 1b goals.

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