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Me and Aunt Flow

Disclaimer: The post is discussing menstruation/menstrual care.

Me and Aunt Flow have had a truly intimate relationship for about 33ish years and I can say that our relationship has had it’s fair share of highs and lows. You know the those moments were your either rejoicing or frustrated that Flow has decided to make a visit. Yet most of our relationship has gone pretty smoothly, but I have to admit I’ve truly enjoyed the past 2.5 years.

I’m sure you are puzzled on why I said enjoyed.

Well it’s simple — it’s because of my switch to plastic-free menstrual care. I started off by using disposable menstrual pads without the chemicals and plastic. Even though the product was still being tossed in the trash, I was finally being mindful of the product’s components and the company producing them.

Then after much hesitation and let’s be honest fear…I took the leap and decided to use a menstrual cup. I was actually gifted my cup (attended an event and they gave them to participants). I wavered over using it due to my age and the unknown feeling. Ahem what the heck was wrong with me… the menstrual cup has truly saved me money and actually gives me some peace of mind. YES I do still wonder if it will get stuck and there are times I dislike having to do a mid-day check when I’m not at home. But I’m quite happy to know the cup will be my go to until Flow decides to part ways (hmmm totally another topic but perimenopause ain’t my friend).

The menstrual cup isn’t the only component of my plastic-free menstrual care routine. After adjusting to the cup I added reusable pads and menstrual underwear. I’m still getting use to the underwear but the reusable pads are a perfect addition to my routine. It’s refreshing to know that my routine isn’t adding to the endless amount of landfill waste. **Let me be clear I’m in a household that has 3 different Aunt Flow’s visiting…and at the current moment I’m the only one using reusables. I will have to do a post at some point on getting your menstruating children to try reusables — or better yet someone can give me advice for mine look at me in full disgust when I make the suggestion.**

I fully realize that not everyone will choose reusable menstrual care products – which in my opinion is okay because it is a major decision. But I can only hope that folks will consider utilizing plastic-free single use menstrual products for that alone is safer for the person and the planet.

P.S. – I can’t resist sharing how the title of today’s post has me humming the tune for “Me and Mrs Jones” by Billy Paul. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about then I encourage you to search/listen)

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