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Motivation Monday: Access to Natural Resources

In honor of Black History month, I will share earth-focused quotes by known Black environmentalists each Monday.  My way of thanks and appreciation for my ancestors/peers that are making an environmental difference.  Check out the medium article in my references to see a list of 28 Black environmentalists.

Today’s quote is by Angelou Ezeilo, the founder/executive director of Greening Youth Foundation which connects underrepresented youth with the outdoors and conservation careers.  Angelou is also the author of the book Engage, Connect, Protect: Empowering Diverse Youth as Environmental Leaders.

No one group of people should have more access to natural resources than the next...

I agree with ALL of this quote!  My own adventures with the outdoors were automatically provided to me at birth because of my maternal family having a farm and my paternal family being hunters.  That then trickled down to my children automatically having the ability to explore the outdoors.  BUT not everyone is blessed with that opportunity due to location, costs, and even potential fear of being the one and only.  It shouldn’t be like that – everyone should have the opportunity to experience an outdoor activity.  Everyone should feel free and safe to explore natural park or location.  Additionally everyone should have immediate access to natural resources (this includes clean drinking water).

What are your thoughts regarding this quote?

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