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Self Care Perspective on low-waste living not being universal

Last year I wrote a reflective on how low-waste living isn’t always universal. I’m constantly reminded of this broad concept as I determine which sustainable self-care products I should carry in the store (in case you didn’t know I’m a fairly new owner of a low-waste shop).

My hopes are to at least have 2-3 sustainable alternatives for a product…But honestly that can be tricky due to business funds and vendor requirements. By vendor requirements I mean minimum orders and costs. So I’ve been focused on theme-aligned rollout purchases; for example the shops dental care products were added over the span of a few weeks.

From a non-business perspective – – My feelings remain the same regarding the need for our society and companies doing better at promoting/creating sustainable self care products via a universal lens.

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.

PS — Read an additional post on being universal

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