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Motivation Monday: Value Earth

In honor of Black History month, I will share earth-focused quotes by known Black environmentalists each Monday.  My way of thanks and appreciation for my ancestors/peers that are making an environmental difference.  Check out the medium article in my references to see a list of 28 Black environmentalists.

Today’s quote is by Jerome Ringo the founder of renewable energy firm – Zoetic Global.  Jerome’s background in Louisiana’s petrochemical industry aided in him becoming an international and community-focused environmental activist.

The quote reminds me that everyone doesn’t value the environment nor it’s inhabitants – which quite honestly boggles my brain.  I personally want my children and future generations to have an environment to admire and live within.  It’s one of the reasons why I daily make sustainable actions.  Can you imagine how our environment and Mother Earth would be if EVERY person performed an earth-focused action?

References for this post/graphic

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