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Switching to Sustainable Self-Care Products

Picture  collage of some self care swaps made
Collage of some self care swaps made (not sponsored)

As you know, our family has been on a low-waste/plastic-free journey since December 2018. Me sharing the process and then starting the business has encouraged folks to ask questions about our journey and our swaps. Common questions I get typically come in the form of WHY — why are you making these swaps? Why is it so important to stop using certain self-care products?

I basically explain how it’s important for my family’s and Mother Nature’s health! Then I share some examples/statistics such as

  • Numerous plastic toothbrushes are thrown away in one year AND they don’t go anywhere.
  • Plastic-based products like cotton buds or daily skin cleansers (contain microbeads) infiltrate our waterways and impact marine animals/birds health and daily behaviors.
  • Our government (United States) hasn’t really regulated cosmetic standards for over 80+ years which means companies can easily utilize toxic chemicals in health/beauty products.

Hmmm so WHY not make the switch?

Another aspect people tend to ask me deals with the transition process to sustainable self-care products. Specifically if I have any tips for someone new to the swap process. Here are my top 3 tips for switching to sustainable self-care products:

  1. Use what you have first – there is no need in letting products you already have go to waste.
  2. Focus on one main area at a time. It’s better to make joint swaps back to back rather than skipping around. For example, all of our dental care swaps sequentially.
  3. Research product options and the company to make sure aligns with your values. Don’t just make a swap to be doing it — research that the intended swap is best for you and that the company achieves your sustainable company standards.

Beginners to Swapping: Tell me what other sustainable swap aspects you want to learn?

Been making swaps for a bit: Tell me what tips would you say are beneficial?


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