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Motivation Monday: Nature is a great equalizer

In honor of Black History month, I will share earth-focused quotes by known Black environmentalists each Monday.  My way of thanks and appreciation for my ancestors/peers that are making an environmental difference.  Check out the medium article in my references to see a list of 28 Black environmentalists.

Quote: Over and over it struck us that nature is the great equalizer...”

Today’s quote is by Audrey and Frank Peterman whom wrote Legacy on the Land which documents their 3-month road trip to see some of the United States national parks.  Sidenote – I totally want to do something like this.

I can personally say that there are times that I get worried when my family goes hiking.  I do research of the area prior to our trip just to ease any concern of us being treated right if we need to make a special stop.  I also do an internal happy dance when I see other persons of color on the trails while hiking. (Read past post on being Black in the Outdoors) Honestly — it shouldn’t be this way for as the Peterman’s say we all gain joy by experiencing natures beauty.

Additionally, the natural elements and wildlife only see/relate to us as humans.

References for this post/graphic

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