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Food Waste Prevention: Citrus Fruits

I thought I would try to incorporate a new aspect for our Food Waste Fridays posts — introducing the food waste prevention series. The series will focus on providing suggestions on how to prevent food waste on a particular food item.

Kicking off the series with

My household is only fans of 3 citrus fruits – lemons, limes, mandarins (all varieties). But every now and then they do go bad (like the lime pictured). I typically just use our peels to make the household citrus vinegar cleanser so I was glad to come upon a list (link to what I found) of interesting alternatives for expanding the life of your peels. I’m definitely going to try making some lemon extract.

Naturally when you are done utilizing the peels toss them in your local food-scrap drop-off or compost.

What other suggestions do you have on preventing food waste with citrus fruits?

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