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Easy Eco-Swaps for Home & Personal

The concept of making environmental-focused swaps (eco-swaps) occurs at every stage (level) of someone’s sustainable living journey. Contrary to what some portray not every eco-swap requires a lot of money– there are some swaps that one can perform for free or even low-cost.

I thought I’d share a few easy swaps one can make for home and personal care.

I based these suggestions on what I feel doesn’t really require research. (Note I always encourage one to research their intended swaps to make sure not dealing with greenwashing or a company that truly doesn’t care about the environment.) I also included what cost-level is usually associated with the swap so one could figure out what they would like to swap first.

List of easy swaps for home and personal care

In no way is this list everything….What other easy eco-swaps would you suggest for the home or personal care?

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