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Start Off the Year with Easy EcoActions

I hope you have enjoyed your first few days of 2021.

Don’t know about you, but I typically need to pace myself when it comes to starting off a new year and the actions associated with my proposed new year intentions (or resolutions for some). Besides building up my confidence in achieving the desired intention, the slower pace encourages the becoming consistent habits. (Note – they say it takes 14 days to form a habit right)

So why not kickoff the new year with some easy ecoactions to assist you in reaching your goals.

Our month of eco-actions will be broken down into 4 weekly categories (in planned order)– Awareness/Mindset, Home/Personal, Work/OnTheGo, and Community. The posts for the months will come in the form of tips, tutorials, and reflections. I will also share minor helpful insights/suggestions in my Instagram stories.

Let me know what potential actions you’d like me to highlight in the comments.


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