Food Waste

Food Waste Spotlight: Pulp Pantry

Today’s Food Waste Friday is a spotlight on Pulp Pantry (Instagram)  whom I learnt about via an Insta-story. The following are the responses to my food waste questions.

Ends & Stems Food Waste Spotlight

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and company.

A: I’m Kaitlin, founder of Pulp Pantry. We create delicious snacks that play on nostalgic favorites, but made with sustainable, upcycled ingredients and designed to be better for people and planet. We believe this green revolution should be delicious 🙂 we just launched our line of Pulp Chips, made from the fiber leftover after pressing fresh vegetables, in Target and Whole Foods on the west coast. Go snag a bag!

Q: What are your thoughts on our current food waste situation?

A: Our levels of food waste today are much higher than they should be – as much as 40% of food is wasted in the united states – and especially given the current climate crisis! At pulp pantry, we believe it’s as much our job as people, consumers, at home to eliminate food waste as it is the food industry at large. In fact, most waste occurs at home! We want to activate people to care about their own waste footprint, and to actively search for solutions both in their community and at home.

Q:  What role do you believe your company can play in reducing people’s food waste?

A: As a brand, our packaging, our social media, they can all be billboards for the issues that we care about – namely, sustainability, health, and building a better food system. We like to use all of the tools in our arsenal to paint a picture, and encourage action, so that we can build a better, more livable future for all.

Q: What do you suggest is the easiest action a person can make when i comes to reducing their food waste?

A: The easiest thing we can all do – is to think global and act local! Start by reducing food waste at home by being more mindful with what gets purchased, lean on old food preservation techniques, and start composting at home as a last solution. I compost in a small 20L plastic bin – and it works like a charm. I freeze my food scrap for making broth, or freeze it in a large bag to go to compost once my previous batch is finished. It’s a super easy, low maintenance way to get going. And we’re happy to help! DM us on IG for tips and tricks, and check out our pinterest board for all of the old-school food preservation tips you can imagine.

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