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Avoid impulse/convenience buying

I’m presently sharing some household food waste reduction tips on my Instagram profile based on my own food waste reduction journey.

Today’s tip is focused on the biggest culprit for household food waste – impulse/convenience buying. We all do it – go to the store and just buy food items on a whim OR just buy something to make life easier. I still have moments when this happens especially when I’m not in the mood to cook.

But the following tips have aided me avoid impulse/convenience buying:

Just so you know I actually follow these, let me share my shopping trip this afternoon. We have been out of town so only had a few food items on hand. I personally wanted to finish eating what is on hand before making a major restock SO

  1. I first paid attention to what’s in the fridge that needs to be eaten by weekend – we had some green pepper slices, carrots, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, green beans, and grated parmesan, crushed tomatoes, provolone cheese. I also had ravioli (freezer), potatoes, spaghetti squash, and butternut squash which have time before going bad.
  2. I then decided meals for the next two days based on what was on hand – version of philly cheese sandwiches with oven fries, sandwiches for girl’s lunch, and a creamy sauce ravioli. I typically run the meal options by my daughters so that if we have leftovers they will eat them.
  3. Once I had the meals planned out I knew exactly what needs to be bought at the store which I put in a quick list – I try my best to stick to that list. We are fortunate to have local cheese, bread, veggie/fruit stand and meat retailers, within walking distance, so I buy those items as I need them. Additionally, I have two grocery stores in our neighborhood so I can buy non-produce food items more frequently than others.
  4. Special part for today – I didn’t make it to the butcher in time so I bought the ground turkey from the grocery store. They had a pack that had “sell-by date” of today and a pack that wasn’t appropriate amount reduced down – so I bought them both since using tonight. Note I know my kiddos will want some of the ground meat for something so what ever is extra will be saved for a future meal.
Items picked up for meals for tonight and tomorrow.
Discounted ground turkey – I dislike these packages BUT this purchase prevents food wasting away in landfill.

What other tips should one consider to avoid impulse/convenience food buying?


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