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Food Waste Books+Documentaries

I am a firm believer that knowledge empowers people and guides our actions. The following are suggested books and documentaries specific to food waste. Asterisks are by the ones I’ve read or watched.


• American Wasteland by Jonathan Bloom

• Don’t Waste Your Food by Deborah Chancellor

• Food Foolish by John M. Mandyck and Eric B. Schultz

• Saving Food edited by Charis M. Galanakis

• Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal by Tristram Stuart

• Waste Free Kitchen Handbook by Dana Gunders (*)


• Just Eat It (2014) (*)

• PBS News Hour “Waste Not, Want Not” series (2020)(*)

• Taste the Waste (2010)(*)

• Theater of Life

• Wasted! (2018) (*)

What other books and/or documentaries should I add to this list? I will share later in the month actual food waste related cookbooks.

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