Low-waste Living, Plastic-Free Living

Low Waste Cleaning Supplies & Essentials

I’ve never been a big fan of cleaning BUT I recognize the importance of doing it. So I break up my cleaning into rooms/areas a day that get extra attention. For example, my stove top gets a deep cleaning session just about each week. Breaking tasks into chunks reduces my stress and being stuck doing a full day of cleaning.

The switch to low-waste cleaning supplies also reduced my stress because I don’t have twenty-million different products floating around the house. I basically utilize my citrus-vinegar cleanser on all surfaces with a few additional items to ensure particular surfaces are extra-clean/disinfected. The best aspect for me is I make the cleanser with common supplies found in the grocery. I can honestly say that I don’t miss going down the cleanser aisle 🙂

I thought it would be beneficial for folks to have a list of common supplies and essential DIY items for low-waste cleaning. I personally don’t utilize all of the items on the list, but I know other folks that do (we all have different cleaning styles).

Do you have suggestions of additional items that should be added?

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