Motivation & Wisdom

Underestimate Doing Nothing

It’s my birth month so all motivational quotes for the month come from my favorite bear – Winnie the Pooh.

It is hard to believe that this is my last week of my 44th life chapter. Man this chapter has been an experience – I slowly recovered from the loss of my grandmother to then be hit with the loss of my grandfather, COVID, and my oldest’s health diagnosis. Gratefully through it all there were sprinkles of positive memories (with my family/friends) and happiness moments. I was blessed with constant support – especially from my daughters.

44 also showed me the importance of doing NOTHING — for me to just be still and let nature take it’s own course. I was aware of my need to just veg for I would typically have veg days but during this time I needed a collection of days. I needed the ability to be one with my emotions so I could emotionally heal to prevent burnout or going into a horrible funk. (Trust me it isn’t good for this Leo/Virgo cusp to go into a funk).

So my focus this last week of 44 is to try and have a few days of NOTHING major. Me and the girls are going to take an in-state mini-vacay and basically just VEG/be one with nature. I plan to reflect on embracing 45, rejuvenate for this upcoming rollercoaster ride called Fall semester, and just be still.

Have you observed the importance of doing NOTHING?

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