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Making time for self-care

Woman  with  flower  in hair

I use to take my self care for granted. I truly didn’t have time for it – single parenting, work, household chores, and for sometime I was also studying.

But then I realized I needed some form of self care to maintain my sanity, positivity, and most importantly to remain Maranda. I can tell when I’m in need of it because I become irritable which according to my children isn’t fun to be around.

My suggestion for you, this week, is to make sure you allocate some self care time often. I try to fit in at least 10-15 non interrupted minutes each day doing whatever is fitting. Then I try (haven’t really been able to since COVID) to have a personal day once a month.

What prevents you from getting in some self-care time?

Note: The image is one of my mix-media boudoir card series I made.

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