Cooking, Plastic-Free Living

Plastic Free July Ending

Whew we made it – we completed Plastic Free July🤩

My focus, for the month, was to provide insight on reducing plastic from individual and community perspectives. I wanted folks to see that this journey involves more than swap focused actions.⁣

I also wanted to utilize this month to motivate me to finally achieve one of my plastic reduction goals – making our own oat milk so I can finally stop buying carton-based milk. We typically go through a carton of oat milk each week with it mainly being utilized to eat cereal or to include in a breakfast item. (Note I also utilize condensed or half-n-half every other week)⁣

Reused bottle of homemade  oat milk

I was able to make my first oat milk – but there is definitely some improvements to be made. Like need to figure out a good use of the pulp and I wasn’t a fan of using cheese cloth (open to suggestions).⁣

I hope you achieved your own goals for the month. I also hope this month inspired you to think of other actions to achieve in the last 5 months of 2021. I’m interested what did you gain from the month?⁣

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