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Need to Struggle to Progress

It is hard to believe that we are at the last week of July – the month just whizzed by. I just hope it was beneficial for you like it was for me.

Today’s motivational words come from the great Frederick Douglass.

I know many decided to take part in the Plastic Free July challenge – which I commend. Trying to reduce your plastic usage is already a difficult journey, and it is especially difficult this year. BUT guess what you are almost done and can say that you tried and achieved a few actions.

I only hope you view the struggles of reducing your plastic usage as progression for making a difference in the global plastic pollution. That you use this month as a launchpad and/or restart to continue on the journey. That it encouraged you to seek out additional actions you can take. Most importantly that you were empowered being part of a collective movement saying no to plastics and the injustices and harm that it brings.

Here’s a Call To Action for you: Take some time this week to establish plastic-free goals you desire to achieve over the remainder of 2020. Come back to this post or use your stories to state the goals so that you can be held accountable.

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