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Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that some of my food waste prevention tactics have aided in our family’s plastic packaging reduction. It’s a swoop of wins!

Take for instance – homemade brown sugar.

Brown Sugar is a main staple in my cooking/baking for it is a great alternative to cinnamon, which my youngest is severely allergic too. I typically wouldn’t waste brown sugar BUT the store-bought brown sugar bags do get hard if not utilized in a particular timeframe. Nowadays brown sugar is made right when it’s needed OR as a small batch with the focus of used within a week. Making my own brown sugar decreases food preservation bags being tossed in our trash, and knowing how often I use brown sugar that’s a vast amount of bags in one year.

Here are some additional DIYs one can try that will also reduce your plastic packaging.

What other Food DIYs that should be added to this list?

2 thoughts on “Preventing Food Waste & Plastic Packaging”

    1. Hello – The DIY vinegars were infused like a strawberry vinegar. You can make infused vinegars by allowing the fruit/herb sit in vinegar for some time. In regards of brown sugar, you combine molasses and sugar together to get brown sugar.

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