Motivation & Wisdom

Part of the solution

It is hard to believe we’ve completed half of Plastic Free July.  The focus of my Week 3 Instagram Bingo challenge is Community.  Specifically the bingo tasks focus on encouraging people to make plastic-free actions within their community.

I felt that our Motivation Monday quote should encourage folks to take action so after some research came across this statement (unknown author).


There are so many ways that we can be part of the solution of protecting and advocating for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.  We all have a role to play – the key thing is are we willing to be doers or bystanders?  I personally choose to be a doer for my children and future generations.  The actions I’ve decided to focus on are dedicated to

  • Restart a local solid waste advisory board (@Bronxswab)
  • Provide nutritional food to others via my community garden work, and
  • Opening a refill educational center in my borough

Which do you choose – solution or pollution?   Hoping you select solution – what actions can you perform within your community?


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