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Be About It

Various members of my family would say this phrase – “don’t just talk the talk – walk it”.  I find myself wanting to utilize the same phrase today.  I’ve seen tons of folks posting the infamous black box aligned with #blacktuesday.

Okay great

Anyone can post a black box…but are you doing the needed steps associated with the concept?  Are you putting real actions with those ‘words’?

Here are some suggested Be About It actions

  • Take time to reflect on your role in the systemic racist aspects of our society
  • Register to vote or encourage others to vote
  • Research your local government and the upcoming elections to see if the candidates are focused on making a difference
  • Get involved with the revolution (positively).  Note you can don’t have to be on the frontlines to be involved.
  • Check on folks and make sure they are okay (that includes yourself)

Just please don’t think posting a black box is all you have to do.

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