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Return To My Roots

One of my consistent tasks, while in Kentucky, is assisting with the care of my sister’s baby chickens(aka the chicks). She actually got the first 3 of the flock the first day we arrived here (if you forgot we are temporarily staying here due to COVID).  Yesterday, I took advantage of the sun to clean their coop and let the chicks run (older ones like exploring outside of the coop).  This also allowed me to take a quick reflective moment on how our stay has been a great way to “return to my roots”.

If you didn’t know, I’m originally from Kentucky and was fortunate to experience both the city and country areas of our state.  I mainly grew up in a suburban part of Louisville (major city), but in the summer I was helping my grandparents at their farm.

Older chicks in April 2020

My main chores were helping with the cattle and vegetable gardens, and when allowed would help my grandfather haul water to folks in the neighboring towns.  Summers on the farm not only allowed me quality time with my grandparents and cousins, but it served as the foundation for my passion for nature and gardening.

Those years on the farm were when my grandparents planted and nurtured my understanding of low-waste living and appreciating Mother Earth.  Naturally as a child I was clueless of what was happening, and heck as a teen I could care less.  BUT now that I’m older I realize some of the low-waste actions I perform are “rooted” in my soul.  Like giving food scraps to the animals or back to the soil; creatively repurposing items for crafts or storage; or expressing thanks to the land and animals for the blessings they provided.

Being here has enhances my dream of  utilizing the knowledge my ancestors instilled via an homestead life.  Trust me – I love all the culture city-life provides, but more and more I desire the country-life.  I know that a ‘homestead life’ isn’t in the near future, but you can guarantee I will be incorporating aspects of these past weeks when we return to the Bronx.   Now if I can figure out a way to have chickens where I live 🙂


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