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Some of my favorite swaps

Even though I’ve referenced some of the low-waste and plastic-free swaps our family has made, I’ve never really put them in an actual list format.  So today’s post is to highlight the favorite swaps our family has made.

Original Product Low-Waste/Plastic-Free Swap
Plastic Toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush
Tupperware containers/sandwich bags Glass Jars/tin containers
Liquid soaps (includes all types) Bar soap
Single use ball point pens Fountain Pens
Paper Towels Rags from old shirts/sheets
Water filters Charcoal

I want to stress that these are all loved equally and do vary in cost. I haven’t officially highlighted the fountain pen swap but will definitely write about it soon for they are very beneficial. Now I’m wondering if folks would like me to make an actual detailed list???


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