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Recycling Away From Home

As you know, we are currently staying in my hometown. I have tried to maintain most of our low waste actions, even though we are in a different location.

One of those actions includes recycling which is done differently here. Unlike in the Bronx, we have to take our recyclable items to a drop-off location. (It seems that my hometown only does pickup in particular parts, and all other areas of the city have drop-off centers.)

This isn’t a first for us – just a different manner. We typically keep our recyclables during our short visits with the mindset of putting them in our bin in Bronx. But we have been here longer than normal so I have established a makeshift recycling bin and drop-off when I can. Bonus is that my family members are starting to put items in as well.

How do you handle recycling when you are in a different location?

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