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Learn from ALL Perspectives

I try my best to not judge without knowing all the details….but I recently became annoyed after looking at the panelist profiles for an upcoming environmental discussion.  I was annoyed because it visually seemed that all of the panelist were from the same ethnicity.

This annoyance happened because

  • this isn’t the first time seeing a lack of diverse panelist speakers on an environmental topic;
  • I know that positive and negative changes in our environment impacts all;  and
  • I am fully aware of people from other ethnicities that could provide insight on the topic.

This raises several questions – did the curator(s) of the panel not want to have a diverse group of speakers; did they not feel the need for a diverse group; Or are they not knowledgable of people outside of their demographic that could partake in the discussion?

No matter the reason – not learning about a topic from all perspectives is wrong.  It perpetuates the idealogy that only one subset of the population can provide insight and make a difference.  Which clearly is not true!

If you reviewed the list of folks you follow – would they all be of the same demographic profile?  I challenge you to start following someone that is different from your demographic profile — make the conscious effort to learn from all perspectives on the topics that matter to you.


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