Food Waste, Life

Y’all I am not going to lie…I am scared and worried. I am scared for those at high risk..scared for those already with the well scared for our world and the outcomes to come. I am beyond worried about my family members whom already have health concerns…worried for our service folks (especially my sister who is a nurse)…worried about folks that are already isolated…as well worried about how this is impacting everyone. 💜
But I am also HOPEFUL! I am hopeful that our current situation will bring forth folks true inner kindness. Hopeful that folks will be considerate to others while also making sure they are personally okay (on all fronts). Which is why today’s #foodwastefriday is focused on being considerate when you are stocking up on food.

  1. If you can buy an extra item to share with your local food bank/shelter/neighbor.
  2. If you can buy an extra nutritional and easy to eat item for a person in need.
  3. Please don’t be selfish when stocking up – remember that all are trying to make sure they have food to eat. 💜
    Now more than ever folks need to only purchase what they need; what they can definitely eat and use.

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