40 days low waste, Food Waste, Low-waste Living

Reusing Food Scraps

Gaining a deeper understanding about food waste has enhanced my desire to cook and create non-processed food items. It has also reminded me how much industrialization encouraged our ancestors and society to leave traditional practices. Such as utilizing certain non-eaten produce or animal parts for the base of commonly used cooking or cleaning products.

One of Week 2 #40dayslowwasteliving actions is to start collecting easy scraps for reuse. Citrus peels are one of the base ingredients for diy cleaning solutions. Egg shells can be used to hold your seedlings or as plant fertilizer. Just about all parts of your veggies can be used to make veggie broth/stock. Finally, apple cores are one of the base ingredients for apple cider vinegar.

What other easy scraps do you recommend folks to save for reuse?

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