Weekly Ramblings

I am gonna restart my weekly reflections – especially now that I am hosting a challenge for the next month(reminder below)

While out and about I seen folks with store-branded paper bags. If you haven’t heard New York state’s plastic bag ban started today. Naturally, the ban will help reduce the state’s contribution to an outrageous global plastic usage. But the ban also brings forth some negative aspects such as what if someone can’t financially handle the fee associated with the paper bag alternative. Or how some retailers will figure out the loopholes within the ban in order to still utilize plastic.

Seeing the various branded paper bags got my brain churning and wondering. Why did it take a ban to happen for retailers to switch to paper? I know plastic bags are cheaper to produce in large quantities. But seriously the paper bags I saw seem to be nicely constructed and branded, which means the retailers put thought into what they were going to use.

What do you think?

Quick Reminder: I am hosting a challenge on my Instagram. The first week is focused on basic habits and folks knowledge regarding low waste actions and the environment.

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