Food Waste

Food Waste Friday: Discounted Food

A few weeks back I stopped by one of our local grocers to get some oat milk. As you see in the picture (from my stories) the grocer discounted the milk to $1.99 because of the expiration date soon approaching.

I went ahead and bought this milk for I knew it wouldn’t be wasted. As you see I referenced we would be eating cereal to ensure it wasn’t wasted. Not wasted by my family but wasted by the grocer. If you didn’t know grocers/supermarkets are notorious for #foodwaste. They are legal bound to expiration dates which means this milk could have been tossed if I hadn’t bought it.

We as individuals can prevent this type of waste by purchasing soon to expire items – which most stores put in selected areas. But the main responsibility falls on the retailers. One action they could take is donating items to local shelters/organizations focused on ending hunger. What other actions could they take besides dumping food in the dumpster?

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