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Food Scrap Drop-offs are not

The above image was taken last Saturday when I was dropping off my weekly food scraps. You will notice there are non-eaten fruit (with stickers on) that are in perfectly good condition.

I got really frustrated when I saw that people tossed what seemed perfectly good fruit. My mind started churning of how someone would have benefited from it – especially knowing the amount of folks with food insecurities. This fueled my thoughts on how people misuse food scrap drop-off services – some due to lack of knowledge on how the service works and some out of laziness. It was a reminder on how we constantly have to educate people on how to properly utilize services that benefit Mother Earth. We can’t just tell people they should compost without explaining the process and how-to.

Thus began me making a list of what food scrap drop-offs aren’t. They are not

  • for folks to toss what hasn’t been eaten
  • for folks to dump whatever they want in the container
  • for folks to not be responsible in removing stickers/tags, nor
  • the I don’t want it so I will scrap it option.

Do you have items to add to this list? If so place them in the comments.

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