Food Waste, Making A Difference

Forget about Produce Cosmetic Standards

I use to be the person that

  • Purchased perfect looking carrots even though they were going to be chopped up for soup
  • Skipped over a pear for it had a small mark
  • Easily tossed a banana for it looked like it had gone bad

BUT not anymore! I am now the person that loves finding what society calls “ugly produce”. I have let go of the cosmetic standards that society encourages supermarkets, shoppers, and food distributors to follow.

Why you ask?

Well first because I realized it really didn’t matter what my fruits/veggies looked like. I mean they are for my nourishment and a mark nor shape is going to change the nutritional value. Second because those same standards are partially to blame for at least 1 billion tonnes of wasted produce a year. Finally, that tossed produce aides in all the food waste carbon emissions happening in landfills.

Individuals aren’t the only ones that need to trash these cosmetic standards. Grocery stores and food distribution centers need to forget them as well – especially knowing the amount of people going hungry. Thankfully there are some interventional programs which are highlighted in my food waste stories/past posts. But more action needs to happen.

What do you think?

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