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Consumers Sound the Alarm

Last week Coca-Cola sustainability lead, Bea Perez, basically said that the company wouldn’t be leaving plastic bottles for consumers love the lightweight packaging to maintain the drink’s bubbles. (So that I don’t get reemed for my interpretation here is link to article on the statement).  Additionally, stated they would be making a bigger footprint by switching to a different material and it would decrease their sales.

From my perspective this basically means – Coca Cola is more worried about their profit over having a planet.  Quite honestly, I wasn’t shocked by the statement – they are one of the leading plastic producing companies in the world.  Not to mention that these same corporations started the aspect of people being “litterbugs” – you know shifted the blame on consumers rather than themselves (check out clip from Adam Ruins Everything)

Clearly it is up to the consumers to prove companies like Coca Cola wrong – it is time to take action with our shopping habits.  It is time for folks to not purchase their beverages in plastic bottles.  I know it is hard to do, but consumers have the power to make companies come up with better alternatives.  That companies can’t rely on recycling (nor should consumers).  Personal disclaimer – I recognize not everyone can stop purchasing products from particular companies.  Additionally, not everyone can stop utilizing products within plastic packaging.

Besides shopping habits, consumers can show their concern by signing petitions (link to one by Plastic Pollution Coalition), vocalizing their concerns to their local/national representatives, and request their local stores to stop carrying plastic containers.

Just in case your wondering – my immediate household switched over to beverages in glass or can containers in 2019.  We automatically recycle our beverage containers since we get charged for bottle deposit.


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