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Motivation Monday: Wise words by Robert Bullard

In honor of Black History month, I will share earth-focused quotes by African-Americans for the month. I felt this is especially needed after the news catastrophe regarding Vanessa Nakate (read about it). Today’s quote is by Robert Bullard (I found the image on Instagram by Postcards From Disasters). Robert Bullard’s environmental work delves into topics such as environmental racism, urban land use, climate justice, community resilience. Bullard is the first African American to be honored with the Sierra Club’s John Muir Award.

Everyone is impacted by our current climate crisis so ALL need to be included in the conversations. Additionally, ALL need to be recognized for the work they are doing. It is clear, similar to other worldwide major concepts, that the media only wants to recognize a particular group of people. And I am sorry folks that is just plain wrong.

The lack of credit given to BIPOC environmental influencers, activists, and advocates is an extension of racism. In my opinion, this lack aides in BIPOCs not being fully involved and taking steps. Especially when there are additional hurdles for making low-waste/plastic-free swaps or approaching the aspect of protesting (I will have to write about these concepts).

What do you think? Have you ever heard of Robert Bullard?

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