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Non-universal aspect of low waste living

I remember when I first began looking at potential low waste swaps. My family first started off with our toiletries- our toothbrushes, dental floss, and moved onto soaps. I couldn’t just buy soaps that other influencers suggested, because I have a daughter with sensitive skin and my skin type is different from another person’s. Thus began me having to do research.

A lot of zero-waste/low-waste folks make it seem like everyone can do the same types of swaps but- they’re not thinking of how we’re not one size fit all human beings. Basic things aren’t being considered; such as, socioeconomic status, location, ethnicity, nor health concerns. This is the reason why we need a more diversified list of influencers. Because the disclaimer of “this might not work for you” doesn’t cut it.

Besides increasing the diversity in low-waste influencers, our society needs to do a better job of marketing sustainable products. For example, it has took me a long time to research possible deodorant swaps. Even though one deodorant works for myself, it doesn’t work for my daughter. A digital search for low-waste deodorants didn’t provide many options of companies. It became more of a “let me ask someone ” or “let us experiment” to find the best option for us.

What type of sustainable swap have you realized isn’t universal?

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