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Maranda’s Weekly Ramblings

I’m presently in Kentucky to celebrate the life of my grandfather who became an angel almost a week ago.  I can honestly say that my emotions prevented me from keeping up with most of routine, but I hope to get back in the grove of things once I return back to New York.

Personal Reflection:

As you know, I am passionate about food waste and being mindful not to create to much (if any at all).  So naturally, I didn’t want our fruits/veggies or regular food to waste away because of our trip. We stayed in a rental after the first part of the drive which thankfully had a fridge for me to store the refrigerated items (picture below) I brought with us on the trip.


I coordinated with my mom that one of the meals during our stay would utilize most of the items I brought.  This action reduced grocery costs in addition to preventing food being tossed.

Tip of The Week: Use up all your food before buying more

Keeping with the aspect of food waste prevention, I want to encourage everyone to use the food they have before buying more.  I really try to base our meals around items we have on hand or that I’ve recently purchased.  For example, I typically have extra condensed milk after making macaroni and cheese.  So I try to make a french toast related breakfast to utilize the remaining condensed milk.

I wish you all a wonderful week!



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