Motivation & Wisdom

Motivation Monday: Someday is Today

Note: today’s motivational quote is a repost of something I wrote back in 2016. I found it quite fitting as we approach the second week of 2020:buoygdvcqaacjkl

It is quite ironic how we state things like “Someday I will do….” or  “Let’s visit ___ someday” — when there really isn’t an actual day called “Someday”.  It is actually a societal tactic to push things back and leave an action as a dream rather than an actual action/event.

In order to truly reach our dreams/goals, we have to select real dates for things to occur.  The realness encourages us to be proactive rather than putting a notch in the future board.  I know realize that I have to seize my days and make the most out of everything for I do not know if there will be a “someday”.

Are you seizing your days or have you pushed something off to “someday”?  Let’s all take the day to put some actual dates with our goals/dreams while taking the needed steps to reach them.


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