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Maranda’s Weekly Ramblings

We are almost near completion of the first full week of 2020; and already seeing climate change related events. In case you are unaware – the Australian bushfires continue with devastating numbers (people/animals/land impacted) and the Jakarta (Indonesia) flood. Do people need anymore proof that our climate crisis is real?

I will try my best to share information on both events, in addition to insight on how folks can assist those impacted by both events (within my stories).

Personal Reflection:

I began working towards my Earth focused goals this past week.

  • Posted my first Food Waste Friday spotlight.  My intention is to provide a monthly spotlight so that I can continue sharing educational information and tips on reducing food waste.
  • Led a bulk shopping experience trip for NYC folks – we went to Sullivan Street Tea and Spice Company. I basically had a hodgepodge newbie approach to learning some zero waste actions (like bulk shopping), so I want to share my experiences with others so they don’t feel lost.  Today’s experience bulk shopping trip (picture of my purchased spices below) was my first attempt of letting people do their bulk shopping with others.  Not only are you experiencing bulk shopping, but you have the support of others on what to do.  As well you make connections with others wanting to have a low-waste lifestyle.    You can read more about the first trip in my Instagram post (later tonight).


Tip of The Week: Conduct a mini waste audit

One can’t reduce their waste without knowing what items they tend to trash the most.  So the tip of the week is for you to conduct a mini waste audit.  I encourage you to monitor what you seem to throw away the most this week.  You can track it on a clipboard before tossing, or you can actually go through your trash at the end of the week.  I actually did both since there is 3 people in my household.  Then your goal will be to figure out what actions will allow you to reduce the highest counted items.  For example, we were constantly tossing paper towels/napkins so that was one of the original swaps we made.  Just so you know I will actually be talking more about the paper towel swap later in the week.

I wish you all a wonderful week!



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