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Earth Focused Goals for 2020

Last week I encouraged people to take time and reflect on their earth focused goals for 2020.  Specifically what do you desire to achieve as your own individual action to make a difference in the climate crisis.

The following are my main goals with sub-actions to make it achievable.

  1. Continue making swaps to assist in being low-waste and plastic-free.
    • Purchase a sustainable shower curtain
    • Invest time to make more DIY cleaners
    • Kitchen focused storage swaps
  2. Enhance my online presence to educate and encourage others to be low-waste and/or plastic-free.
    • Provide tutorials on repurposed items
    • Start more themed focused posts
  3. Do more within local community
    • Coordinate a swap in Bronx
    • Coordinate experience trips for people to join me when go bulk shopping/farmer’s market
    • Enhance our neighborhood Buy Nothing Group
    • Continue conducting workshops

I personally hope to make a dedicated page of people’s goals so we have an accountability system.

Happy New Year!


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