Motivation & Wisdom

Whose motivating you?

We are all inspired to do things and/or reach goals. The question becomes is it self-motivation or motivated enforced by another person? I wholeheartedly agree with Audre Lorde that our own confidence is what should be driving us to reach self-defined success.



Let me give you an example of what I mean. I have worked with all types of students on mastering math. Some are focused on passing a class, some to earn a degree, and some just to get a good score for entrance exams. I had a student that needed to score higher to complete the Math portion of their high school equivalency certification. The student honestly didn’t care about getting the certification but was working with me because their parents were paying. The motivation belonged to the parents because they were paying me to come work with their grown child multiple times in a week. The parents reminded the student of their visit with me…the parents reminded the student to complete the assignments I assigned. It wasn’t until the parents threatened to cut off funds did the student start taking responsibility. Why?? Because they now had a personal belief and ownership of passing the Math. It was a complete 360 on the student’s actions and desires.



We all have goals for this year and now down to barely 6 months to complete. I encourage you to reflect on the source of your motivation and on how much you believe you can reach it. (Note – I actually have to do this as well!)

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