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Mother’s Day Confession

It’s that holiday when people celebrate their mother’s, grandmother’s, and all the people that serve/served as a mom to them.  The day where little one’s provide their mom-figures with flowers, handmade gifts, and maybe a cooked meal.  This might be the one time of the year some folks walk into a church to show their mom just how much they care (maybe that is just a Southern thing).  Alternatively, this could also be a difficult day for some that no longer have a mother figure(s) or a person to mother.

But for me Mother’s Day reminds me of the powerful decisions that forever changed the writing of the book titled Maranda’s Life – the days I decided to be a single mother twice (yeppers I have two children with two different fathers).  The background stories for the decisions are extremely different, yet they both had the same outcome – an awesome mother’s day gift.

Without even knowing it my daughter’s have given me an irreplaceable mother’s day gift – my personal growth and awakening.  Yes I’m blessed to be a mother of two daughters whom will be incredible change-makers of the world.  But my two miracle babies (long story short – I wasn’t supposed to have children) opened the door for my personal growth at two critical stages of my life.  My daughters awakened an internal strength I didn’t even know existed, and as each year passes my strength increases.

Big & Little, for the most part, are the reasons why I do what I do.  I have a second masters and completed doctoral coursework so that I could financially provide for them.  We relocated to New York so that they would have access to diverse cultures, better education, and more opportunities (I’m not dogging my home state).   I advocate for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and educational reform so that they have opportunities now and in the future.  I took the charge of our family reducing our waste and being plastic free so that they have an Earth to live on.  Yes some of my choices are for me, but for the most part I want to leave a legacy and a wealth of memories for my daughters.

I appreciate people wishing me Happy Mother’s Day and the gifts.   But just wanted to confess that Big & Little gave me the best gift ever by selecting me as their mother! (Note they did get some assistance by God and their father’s).



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