Life, Motivation & Wisdom

One Small Crack

These past few days have been emotionally draining for me. I seem to be slowly bouncing back from Saturday’s meltdown. So I feel Linda Poindexter’s words are quite fitting for today’s Wednesday Wisdom.

Saturday was a reminder of the difficulty that arises when you are a solo parent (I like that phrase better). Something one should truly take into consideration when they have to make a decision to be one or not. For the most part I can handle the tasks and demands placed on my plate BUT last weekend was just to much especially with activities being in two different boroughs.

Just like other overwhelming moments in life this past weekend showed that we had a setback….me and the girls are still pushing through and we are not ‘broken’. I view our ‘crack’ as a growth moment in my life. Realizing that soon there is another demanding day of activities approaching…I have already asked for assistance. Lesson learned — every now and then you have to ask for help…and you have to realize that asking for help is okay.

Let’s say that my solo parenting journey is like a favorite dish that might have scratches, a chip or two, and possibly a crack on the inside. Despite all of it’s blemishes the dish can still be used for it is not broken.

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