Motivation & Wisdom

Your decision to try

Happy Monday!

The Motivational Quote for today is

I like this quote for it explains the foundation for every accomplishment – your decisions.

Our decisions can either lead us to failure or success. So naturally making the decision to give something a ‘try’ means you are taking the steps to accomplish something.

On a personal note – I made the decision to try this parenting role solo. Even though there have been (and will continue to experience) hurdles, I know that I have accomplished much. With the help of my family my daughters are healthy, doing well in school, and do not go without. Better yet I am focused on my daughters not being a ‘single parent statistic’.

The awesomeness of it all is that I know that I am not the only one. I am fortunate to be around and know of others ‘accomplishing’ this single parenting role.

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