Motivation & Wisdom

Monday Motivation – Effective Way To Do It

In honor of Women’s History month I will try to post quotes by women. Today’s motivation comes from Amelia Earhart.

The words that immediately came to mind were “Don’t talk about it…Be about it”.

Have you ever had an idea that you never acted upon…then time passes and you see someone carried out your idea successfully? I have and was so disappointed for it could have been me making a major impact on society. I was also taught the lesson of how you have to follow through on your ideas (which are also your dreams) else you will have regrets and missed opportunities. Which is why me and my daughters are living in the Bronx. I had been talking about it ever since I moved back to Kentucky to have my oldest – of how at some point I wanted to return the New York state. It definitely took timing and a few life challenges, but I am where I wanted to be.

This is exactly what Amelia was referencing. You have to just do something rather than constantly thinking or talking about it.

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