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Collect Moments

Every Wednesday I will try to share some words of wisdom based on my own personal experiences.

About a year ago I decided that I want to start a minimalistic approach to items in my home. I had a two-fold mindset about doing this – reduce the clutter in our home and slowly let go of items. We do live in New York City so space is limited 🙂I got rid of items in most of the house except for the bedrooms. As most parents know it is really hard to get your children to throw away items, but I just was not ready to do the ‘toss, trash, keep’ activity in my room. Well I finally started last week (thanks to a friend forcing me to make room for the drawes that go under my bed) and I am focused on my memory box.You can see in the picture above that I went ahead and put things I had to keep like journals and awards in the drawer. The plastic tub was the next set of things to be inspected…these were random items from my life like letters or random artifacts.I can honestly say that I am not done BUT I completed the first round of ‘toss or trash’. Naturally going through the tub forced me to visit memory lane and reflect on my life experiences. It made me reflect on ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ parts of my story of life. I saw things that I had no clue were in there – which got tossed. I found items that I did not need anymore – which got tossed. And I looked at items from memorable Maranda moments – which I am keeping. But even in those memorable moments there were tokens that had no importance to keep– do I really need my flight itenerary from my trip to England during my college days.This is why Coehlo’s words ressonate with me today. As I minimize my memory box I am reflect on the moments that stand out to me…those that made an imprint on my soul. Yes there are things from those moments which can fade or get broken….but the moments stay.The words also remind me why I am also focused on providing my girls memories over material items. The memories are what I want them to hold dear. I want their experiences with mom to make the imprint not the gift or item they will soon trash.Note: The quote is placed on a picture I took on a farm in Kentucky. I loved how the sun peeked out from the clouds.

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