Don’t Limit Imagination

I am going to try this ‘blogging’ thing again as a way to ignite my tush into doing my remaining paper revisions. Yes I am still working on them (opportunity for another post).

What better way to make a come back than with a motivational post. While looking for a #motivationalMonday quote for my campus social media I found these words by the great astronaut Mae Jemison.

How fitting right?

I am constantly being reminded that some things are unreachable or unachievable because of my gender, my ethnicity, or my family status. Societal norms, people’s personal views, and our current governmental leaders want to confine me to a box. Idiotic thinking like ‘she is a single mother of color so her children won’t do good in school’ – wrong. Or ‘she is a female of color so it isn’t likely that she will earn a STEM degree’ – have you read my bio.

Individuals can’t let others control their goals and dreams. We can’t let other people control our destiny for they are not the ones taking the steps.

I personally try not to let the naysayers control my thinking BUT unfortunately they worm their way in. There are moments that I have a brain lapse and take on their narrow negative thinking..that I place boundaries on what I can and can’t do. I know the key to staying true to self is constant reminders of what you want..constant review of your life vision and goals.

I admit I have let ‘finishing my doctorate’ wander out of my peripheral view. I have let work tasks take over and limit my productivity – BUT that stops today! I was reminded of my educational expertise and societal worth by attending a couple of professional conferences.

Have you been letting others limit your thinking? Have you put boundaries on reaching your dreams?

Let’s break the ‘limitation chains’ and finish out 2018 determined.

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