What Morning Routine?

I do not if it is because I have a teenager or what but our morning routines are nothing like what we had in KY. 

 It typically starts at around 5:30am with my first alarm to prep me for my morning activities.  I will admit it is hard to do durig our current winter mornings.  If it is  my running day I force my body out of the bed so I can get dressed and try to do a quick clean of the kitchen.  Some mornings I am in an extra mood which leads me to fix breakfast like this morning I cranked out some banana muffins and my lunch.
By 6:30 my second alarm goes off and I am telling Big to wake up….Big’s wake up call is either short and sweet or goes on for 30 minutes…Prior to middle school my oldest would easily wake up…Now it is like waiting for the cows to come home — she just does not get up.  I know some parents force their children out of the bed  using various tricks.  Sorry I am not that parent…I take on the philosophy that if she wants to go she will get up and she knows the risk of being late which means detention.  Typically by the time I say “Are you going to school today (after 15-20 minutes pass)?”, she is up and rushing out the door.

Then begins the ruckus of getting Little to school…She easily wakes up and gets dressed excep for socks/shoes.  But she occupies herself, during the wait time,  with the tv or one of her hobbies(i.e., drawing, playing with dolls, some science fun).  I start with a gently nudge of “we have 20 minutes…brush your teeth and lets do your hair”.  If the nudge doesn’t work I have to do the guilt statement of “do you want me to lose my job”☺️

Finally there is me getting ready…I am quick about getting showered and dressed as long as I stay focused.  But like this morning I get distracted with responding to work emails, paying the bills, or trying to conquer a task I forgot to do the day before.  Which this morning that was me sawing down our new replacement bathroom towel bar to fit properly.

For the most part I make it out the door when I need to, but I just wish it was about 3 years ago.  Who am I kidding those days are gone and this will now be the norm…

Am I the only one with a crazy morning routine?

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