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First NY STEM Institute

The past 2.5 days have been all about STEM education and I loved it!  I had the pleasure of participating in the 2017 NYS STEM Education Collaborative Summer Institute at Alfred State College.  I had a poster highlighting research I had conducted on the Influential Factors of URMs and STEM Degrees.

I also got to listen to interesting keynote speakers, participate in some fun educational sessions, and network with fellow STEM Educators.  I thought I would briefly talk about two of my favorite sessions:

STEMCollaborative2 Shrinky Dinks and STEM – The presenter provided us ideas on incorporating shrinky dinks in a Mathematics lesson on scale factoring.  Naturally we got an opportunity to make our own shrinky dink — mine was artistic!





Coding with a calculator naturally appealed to my programming background.  At the end of the workshop I had written (with the presenter’s guidance) a quick program to find the average of three numbers.  Participants also got resources to assist in future programming opportunities 🙂


I truly enjoyed the institute and can’t wait to interweave some of the information into my job and create some fun STEM activities with the girls!


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