Motivation & Wisdom

No Limits

Happy Monday — although for me the day is almost over!

Today’s motivation is based on a random search on motivational quotes by women (in honor of Women’s History Month).  Being that my oldest wants to be an astronaut the random search worked out for it led me to some positive words by Astronaut, Mae Jemison.


How many times do we put our ideas in a box because someone can’t understand what we think or find fault in our plan?  I know that I’ve put my ideas on pause due to others and then observe others reach the stars doing something I considered.  Just so happens that I could have been quite wealthy if I had pursued a few…

We can’t let the nay-sayers prevent us from reaching our destination….We have to resist the urge to halt or change paths.  I believe ideas come for a reason and they will happen one way or the other — why not happen with the person who thought it.

I try my best to no longer let other people navigate my life..yes I listen to people’s perspectives and if needed make adjustments…BUT I try to stay focused and aim for my goal.  At the same time I have to be mindful to not squash others’ dreams — especially my students and daughters.


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